AC Driving School Motorcycle Training.


AC Driving School is a Nationally Certified Motorcycle training facility.


The BRC is specifically designed for the novice or re-entry rider. 


Our course consists of 3 days of training. We provider a minimum of 8 hours classroom, and 8 hours of range time. 

The cost will be $325 for non-Washington students and $225 for Washington residents with a valid driver's license, and active Military with i.d is also $225. This includes use of range Motorcycles.  If you want to use your own Motorcycle you are allowed as well.

The successful completion of the course will allow Washington Students to obtain their MC Permit.  Idaho students will receive an MSF completion card to give to the Idaho DOL. (Idaho residence will still be required to take an Idaho knowledge test to obtain their motorcycle license). 

We also offer both the Written and drive tests for both the Motorcycle permit and Motorcycle Endorsement. 

Permit and Endorsement written tests are $30 per test.

Permit and Endorsement Skills (drive) test are $50 per test.

Up coming classes are posted on the Registration page, or register here


Training is conducted in the elements so please be prepared for sun/heat/rain ect


Upcoming courses:

August 4th 6-9pm , 5th, and 6th 8-3pm.   

August 18th 6-9pm, 19th, and 20th 8-3pm

September 22nd 6-9pm, 23rd, & 24th 8-3pm

October 21st 6-9pm, 22nd, & 23rd 8-3pm. 


Do I have to know how to ride a Motorcycle -  NO...  

How old do I need to be?  16 years and older and have a valid driver license.

I live in Idaho will this work for me?  YES we are nationally certified, and Idaho recognizes the course! 

Cost - $225 Washington Residents   -  $325 Non-Washington Residents

MC's - We have range MC's which include Honda Rebels, Enduros, and Pitt bikes (Grome Style). There is no fee for this, They are included in the price.

Can you use your own Motorcycle?   YES!  We want you to feel as comfortable as possible.


We train in all elements. 

Safety is our first GOAL,, Followed by FUN


If you have any questions, please Email Scott @

Thank you.

AC Driving School.