Pullman/Whitman County Branch

Washington State Certified Driver Education Courses & Certified Testing Facility

Located at the Coldwell Banker Building, 405 S. Grand, Suite C, 2nd Floor

Providing Washington-recognized driver education courses to the Southeast Washington area. These courses fulfill Washington requirements. Scott is the owner and also a former police officer with over 20 years of experience and training in defensive driving techniques.

****Fall and winter classes will be posted on June 1st.****

Parent Orientation Information

Please only have one parent/representative attend the meeting due to space limitations. The teen driver does not come to this orientation.

We DO NOT do written tests in Pullman currently.  If you need to a written test please call us if you were a student of ours.  General Public can take the test at the Pullman DOL. 


All classes and availability are under our registration page. Click the link below to see all availability. 

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